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Motorcycle Insurance for vintage bikes

There are many people interested in vintage or classic bikes and are wide spread across the map. This insurance is for these cherished and collectible motorbikes which range all makes and from many, many countries.

Most bikers only ride their vintage bikes in dry weather so when you are considering motorcycle insurance coverage this needs to be considered. As with private cars, a biker can request limited mileage insurance coverage for his bike of a certain age. You may do so whether you have one bike or a collection of vintage bikes.

These are the things that the motorcycle insurance companies for vintage bikes consider to cover your bike (just like they do for vintage car insurance. Your bike needs to be at least 15 years old and kept in a locked garage or building. The only acceptable traffic offence is a single speeding ticket within the last three years. Any other convictions are not accepted. You cannot have any fault claims within the last five years. Your bike is only used for domestic, pleasure and social uses only. All bikers must have a full category A license for at least 2 years. British, Japanese, and European bikes are covered. There can be no modifications done to the bike. Your policy includes going to and from only one fixed place of work. The biker has to be 25 or older.

If all of the statements above do not apply to you, you can still talk with your motorcycle insurance company because they may still supply you a policy but not with the discounts that they can offer if all of the above apply to you.

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