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Motorcycle insurance - How much coverage do I need?

It is not easy to find the right motorcycle insurance for your particular needs but it is something that you have to do. In order to drive legally you have to have motorcycle insurance. You do not have to buy the most expensive coverage available but you do have to have basic liability coverage. This is the minimum coverage allowed by the law but you can purchase higher coverage rates if you see you need them.

Liability insurance is included in all basic motorcycle insurance plans. This type covers any damage or injury you may cause to property or other people in the event of an accident and you are considered at-fault. Some policies may include in this coverage a guest passenger but this is not always true.

Collision insurance can be a policy add-on to cover your bike if the liability insurance doesn't seem to be enough. This insurance will pay for damages above the deductible even if the damage is your fault. If you want this insurance, make sure to mention it when getting motorcycle insurance quotes!

Comprehensive coverage insurance protects your bike from damages not considered an accident, for example fire, theft, and vandalism. This too is extra insurance you may want to add to your policy for an extra cost.

Should you consider uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage also. This provides protection in case you are involved in an accident with another driver that is not insured or doesn't have adequate insurance coverage. This coverage also will help with the medical bills, loss of wages, and other damages to you or your passengers.

So you can tailor your insurance policy to meet your needs and at a cost that your budget can afford. Be sure to shop around and get all the discounts you can get and don't forget to ask questions.

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