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Do I need Motorcycle Insurance?

You can do a search online or contact the Department of Insurance to talk to someone to tell you for sure what the state's minimum limits are that apply to different types of motorcycle insurance. Most people will recommend that you carry at least the smallest amount of liability insurance on your bike in case you were in an accident that injured another person. You also have to have your motorcycle permit and then followed by getting your license before you can get motorcycle insurance

You need motorcycle insurance to protect you and your passengers. If an accident occurs, you will need the insurance to protect others in case it is said to be your fault. You will need protection that covers your passengers for bodily injuries should you be at fault. Then there is the coverage that provides payment for medical treatment for you and your passengers in case of an accident. You will also need coverage for those damages that occur by those that are uninsured or underinsured.

Then you need motorcycle insurance that protects your motorcycle itself. The collision pays for the replacement or repairs of your bike if it is damaged. The comprehensive part of the policy pays for losses from damages other than collision. Then there is the coverage for the added equipment such as custom parts added to your bike that are not consider standard parts of your motorcycle. There is also towing and rental reimbursement in case of a covered loss.

These all are factors to consider when you are checking out which motorcycle insurance you need. Yes, you do need insurance for you and your bike in order to protect you and your motorcycle.

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